The Events Company of St. Lucia Inc. (ECSL or Events Saint Lucia) was created during the first quarter of 2017, with a mandate to coordinate and execute the production of national events and festivals. Some of the core festivals which fall under the portfolio of Events Saint Lucia are Saint Lucia Jazz, Saint Lucia Carnival and Arts & Heritage Month. New festivals have been introduced such as the Roots & Soul Festival and reintroduced, such as the Food & Rum Festival. Events Saint Lucia also provides production support to The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) and Saint Lucia Independence celebrations.

ECSL sees national events and festivals as instruments of national development that simultaneously contribute to three sets of complementary objectives:

  • economic development objectives, which can be measured by tourism arrivals and expenditures, impacts on local artists and businesses, and the overall visibility of Saint Lucia on the tourism market;
  • cultural and artistic development objectives, including the promotion of Saint Lucian and other Caribbean artists, and the provision of quality and uplifting cultural and artistic experiences to local audiences and visitors;
  • social development objectives: fostering national pride and social cohesion.