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Pigeon Island National Landmark
Pigeon Island National Landmark

If you want to combine history and nature in your visit, then Pigeon Island is one of the top Saint Lucia landmarks for you. Pigeon Island was a separate isle until 1972, when the government built a causeway between it and the main island for easy access. Pigeon Island is where the infamous pirate, Jamb de Bois, created a camp to ambush Spanish trade ships.

Visitors can also climb around the ruins of Fort Rodney, which was built by the English to fight the French. Hike around the ruins and pass cannons while you watch nature slowly reclaim the island. You can really feel what it was like guarding the island in the 1700s.

Pigeon Island is a National Park of Saint Lucia, and you can find visitors snorkeling, sailing, and diving just off the shores.

Saturday August 24
Pigeon Island National Landmark

Skip Monday
Leee John
Tarus Riley ft. Estelle

Sunday August 25
Pigeon Island National Landmark

Sherwin ‘Dupes’ Brice
Ginuwine and Mya
UB40 featuring Ali Campbell and Astro

Gros Islet Town
Gros Islet Town

Every Friday night starting at sunset, the residents of Gros Islet fire up their barbecues, ice down the Piton beer, set up table-top bars in the streets, and get ready to welcome thousands of enthusiastic revelers to the colorful fishing town’s narrow streets. Arts and crafts vendors lay out their stalls, and the town center becomes DJ central, as a giant sound system cranks up and keeps the street party moving until the early hours of Saturday morning.

And be sure to bring your appetite! On Friday nights, Gros Islet is lined with sizzling barbecues, grilling everything from zest chicken and pork to the freshest catch, landed just hours before by the town’s fishermen. Local cuisine is the ticket, and the adventurous should look out for the lambi or conch grills on the waterfront, or seasonal seafood favorites like spiny lobster and bwigo (whelks).

Friday August 23
Performance Poetry at Gros Islet Town

Curmiah Lisette
Naomie Grandison